HAPPYsthlm first saw the light of day in early spring 2007 and its first collection was exhibited in August same year.

HAPPYsthlm was founded by 

Katarina Andersson product designer

Kajsa Aronsson textile designer 

Caroline Lindholm silversmith

All three have extensive experience in their respective fields.

The trio have shared a courtyard studio in Stockholm for many years and have followed each others work at close quarters. Using regular development appraisals, they have opened up the often lonely creative process.

What happens if one works on the same piece or begins to use new materials? 
A few days later a conference room had been booked at the Ulriksdals Värdshus, where the first seed of HAPPYsthlm was planted.

We decided that HAPPYsthlm should create its own design products, in close collaboration with our producers.

Products for the home and jewellery for wearing. A design language that can be enlarged, reduced, changed, and used to create various objects in a variety of materials is characteristic for HAPPYsthlm.

Standing between the craftsman and the consumer-targeted mass manufacturing Scandinavia has a tradition of an industry of applied arts. This is a niche that requires profound skill and a strong interest in the final product. A lost era that designers can often romanticise, but several smaller manufacturing industries still exist in Sweden. HAPPYsthlm has chosen to use these manufacturers, who are also interested in detail, material and quality. This close contact with our producers offers us as designers a unique opportunity to develop and realise our ideas.

Photo: Karin Björkquist ©